How To Save Your Business From Negative Publicity

Negative publicity impacts your sales.  It shakes the pillars of trust which customers have on you.  Sometimes the flames of negative publicity even eat the existence of your business.  Use the below tips to stay away from negative publicity:

Listen:  Always observe and stay updated on what is happening on the social media.  Pay attention to chats and posts on your brand.  This will help to detect any wrong spreading of information at the beginning itself.  So, you can safeguard your business by taking action.

Act at a fast pace:  Whenever you predict negative publicity preventive action has to be taken at a fast pace.  In this tech-savvy world, there are good advantages of the internet like Bitcoin code.  But all people do not analyze the full review when it comes to negative publicity.  It is not safe to remain quiet or delay action on negative publicity news which spread on social media which is a wrong use of technology.  Delay will result in the viral spread of wrong information.  So, ensure fast counteraction.

Set right mistakes and popularize:  There may be genuine posts complaining about the lack of service or quality of your brand.  In that case, do not retaliate.  It spoils your brand image.  Instead, set right the mistakes and issue information on that.  You can post an apology with the pictures of corrective action.  You can add customer testimonials.  This way you can make even the negative publicity to build your brand power.

Have a Media policy:  Train and educate your employees not to post any insider information on media/social network.  Formulate a media policy for your business and make them follow.

Do not react or counter:  There may be instances where negative publicity comes in the form of cyberbullying.  When the wrong information does not contain any factual allegations and looks cooked up, the best thing is to maintain silence.  Countering such publicity will harm your brand image.

Respond thoughtfully:   Do all your marketing activities carefully.  Ensure you respond to media interviews politely and correctly.  All the communications from our business to the outer world must be thoughtfully drafted.

Controversies:  On your Facebook page do not encourage controversies.  Do not post contents which flare up racist remarks or gender remarks.  Also, ensure that the viewer comments relate to the purpose of your page.  Do not allow deviation.  When viewers/followers bring up irrelevant controversies on the Facebook page prevent them.  The very purpose of marketing should not be impacted by these.

Using the above tips, control negative publicity.  You can see your business grow without difficulties.